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Dashing Com-Tek Co.,Ltd.is a highly specialized RF product manufacturer in China. Since  established in 2003,we have been fully committed to R&D of quality RF signal transmission and interconnection solutions. We produce involve various types of RF coaxial connectors such as 4.3-10,SMP,SMA,SMB,SMC,MCX,MMCX,N,DIN,TNC and BNC and  RF cable assemblies,  jumper cables,antennas,engineering feeders, microwave devices, testing equipment, and other industry related contraptions. These products  be applied extensively to military equipment, aviation, communication systems, network security, broadcast stations, medical facilities, and other areas where high or low frequency transmissions are required. As a leading manufacturer in China, our company is fully committed to providing high standard products and services to a large number of communication operators, equipment manufacturers, and electronics companies. Our products  export to the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific areas.

CNC machines have increase to  more than 30sets ,  can meet fast delivery and promise good   quality.    


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