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RF Coaxial Connector
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SMA Connector
SMA connector is commonly used coaxial product connected with small screw threads. It features long service life, outstanding performance and high reliability, widely applied to linking RF coaxial cables or micro strip in the circuit of microwave devices and digital communication equipment. Compared to other types, our SMA type is characterized by small size and low VSWR. Also, it possesses high ...
SMB Connector
The SMB connector is a kind of preferred coaxial RF fittings for connecting RF coaxial cables in the RF circuit of radio equipment and electronic machines. It has such characteristics as push lock feature, small volume, light weight, excellent electrical performance and easy to use. In order to provide good mechanical performance, our SMB connector selects bronze as its contact material, which ha...
MCX Connector
MCX connector is a series of ideal coaxial cable accessories with push type structure. Although its inner diameter of conductor and outer diameter of insulator are similar to SMB series, the outside diameter of plug in our product can be 30 percent smaller than SMB series. Thus, it is smaller and lighter, suitable for the areas in high demand for weight and volume. Also, our product can fit into s...
MMCX Connector
MMCX connector, as one of the smallest coaxial connectors, is radio frequency components especially designed for the application which requires small space. For example, it can be used for small communication and networking equipment in demand for size and weight, and it can also be applied to intensive installation on circuit board. There are two types of optional MMCX connector, including right...
N Connector
As coaxial cable communication components, our N connector can still work normally at high frequency of up to 11GHz with preferable electrical performance. Besides, it can be divided into twenty types of product mode for your choice, providing the working voltage of 1000V r.m.s withstanding voltage of 2500V r.m.s and impedance of  50Ω and 75Ω
TNC Connector
TNC connector is one type of wholesale coaxial components, which owns similar contact interface to BNC but adopts thread connection. Besides, our product can fall into Reverse Polarity Crimp Bulkhead Jack type and Crimp Right Angle Plug type. Our TNC connector is commonly used for cellular mobile communication system, testing equipment and so on. Furthermore, due to its superior shock resistance,...
BNC Connector
BNC connector acts as a joint available in both video frequency and RF applications, commonly used for low frequency stage of equipment. As a bayonet product, it is characterized by quick connection, dependable contact and so on, extensively applied to connecting with RF coaxial cables in such areas as radio equipment and electronic instrument. According to different models, our product can be cl...
DIN Connector
DIN connector is especially designed for medium or high power of areas, such as cellular mobile communication system, control unit, antenna and radio equipment, etc. It can help reduce the intermodulation distortion by adoption of ternary alloy plating through interface. Each well contacted intermodulation distortion performance can reach above -150dBm. With metric M29*1.5 screw thread structure, ...
F Connector
The F connector is typically used for 75Ω cable distribution systems, especially that for the CATV, as well as the radio and television systems. It is applicable for occasions with impedance matching requirement, and other occasions as well. Our F connector with threaded connection structure design is characterized by easy use and low cost. It is replaceable with its counterparts.
FC Connector
The FC connector provedes an ideal solution to connect a cable to a PCB board, and can satisfy users'varied application demands.
FME Connector
Also called SAP connector, the FME connector comes with M8*0.75 thread. It can be utilized to connect RF coaxial cable, and is applicable for electronic instruments, mobile communication system, and antenna system with frequency of 3GHz.
L16 Connector
The L16 connector with medium power is manufactured with M16*1 thread for connection, and conforms to related national standards. It has similar structure design and electrical performance with N series products. The product has high reliability, good vibration resistance, as well as superior mechanical and electrical performances. L16 connectors are extensively utilized to connect RF coaxial cabl...
SMP Connector
The SMP connector with subminiature coaxial connector structure design has a push-in coupling mechanism. It has characteristics like small size, light weight, convenience use, and wide working frequency range. It is a new solution for connection between RF modules. Our SMP connector is available in three structure designs, including the ones with self locking mechanism, without this mechanism, an...
SWP Connector
The SWP connection with subminiature structure design is an upgrade version of conventional RF coaxial connector. It features very small size, light weight, easy use, and good electrical performance. It provides an ideal solution for cable connection, as well as the connection between RF modules.
UHF Connector
The UHF connector boasts no rigorous restrictions on matching impedance, and is clenched via its end tooth. It supports working at 500 MHz conditions, and is characterized by good anti-vibration performance, reliable connection, and stable performance. The UHF connector can be utilized in communications system, closed circuit television system, vehicle-mounted wireless devices, marinetime communic...

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