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RF Cable Assemblies
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Semi-Flexible Cable Assembly
Semi flexible cable assembly is suitable for several of connection between cabinet and module, cabinet and cabinet, antenna and feeder cable, as well as feeder cable and cabinet. We can provide tailored product according to the drawings or detailed requirements of our users. Except for the special product, all commonly used products can reach the index of electrical performance with VSWR of less t...
Semi-Rigid Cable Assembly
  CABLE :  SFT-50-3 
Jumper Cable and Pig Tail
Jumper cable and pig tail produced by our company can be directly welded on the equipment by our customers, and customers can also install the joint by themselves.  As a China-based jumper cable and pig tail manufacturer, at Dashing we also offer TNC connector, coaxial terminal, semi-flexible cable assembly, between series RF adapters, and more.
Engineering Feeder
Engineering feeder from our company can fall into a variety of types, such as 1/2 type, 7/8 type, 5D-FB type and 7D-FB type.Dashing is a professional engineering feeder manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast array of products, including coaxial terminal, between series RF adapters, RF cable assemblies, TNC connector, and more.
Cable Stripping Service
Cable stripping service is professional enough to strip away the outer conduct, shielding layer and dielectric of the cable. Besides, our product is able to process the cable according to the size requirement of our customers to guarantee our customers no damage to the center conduct, smooth edge, accurate dimension as well as convenience for further production. Semi rigid or semi flexible cable c...
RF cable assemblies are mainly used to install the RF connector on the RF coaxial cables and then constitute transmission line. With the rapid development of computer information technology and wireless access technology represented by 3G and wireless LAN, as well as the development of miniaturization, modular, high frequency and high precision of various communication devices, the market requires our product in higher demand. Thus, our company specially produces a series of RF cable assemblies including semi flexible type, semi rigid type, wire jumper and engineering feeder.

Among them, semi flexible type cable assemblies features good shielding effect, self flexibility and preferable electrical performance, which is usually applied to chassis with narrow space and complex shapes. Meanwhile, semi rigid type product shows fine performance in shielding effect as well as resistance to salt spray, mold and corrosion especially in the severe environment. Wire jumper is metal connecting line to connect two demand points on circuit board, usually applied to optical fiber communication system, testing equipment and other areas. Finally, engineering feeder is suitable for signal lines, which can effectively transport signal energy. Moreover, we can provide you all kinds of cable stripping service.

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