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Testing Equipment Accessories
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Testing Cables
Testing cables are mainly used to test equipments in daily production, such as Hewlett Packard network analyzer. Our product adopts low loss cable, which is popular among our customers and also reduces the testing costs. Moreover, the screw sets suitable for our product make use of nonmagnetic and stainless steel materials. Also, its center conduct is plated by gold with plating thickn..
Coaxial Terminal
Coaxial terminal is mainly applied to absorbing the power in RF or microwave system as dummy load of antenna and transmitter terminal. Also, it can act as multi port of microwave device like the match port of circulator or directional coupler, which possesses the characteristic of wide working frequency range, low standing wave ratio, as well as excellent pulse resistance and burnout resistance et...
Stainless Steel Adaptor
Stainless steel adaptor can be adapted to a variety of connections and assemblies, mainly used for interface conversion of vector network analyzer, or inspection of finished goods during daily production. It features high reliability, stable electrical performance, long service life, low price as well as significant reduction of testing costs. We are a specialized stainl..
Custom Fittings
Custom fittings are produced by our professional technical team to meet both product and item requirements of our customers, which can be used for all kinds of special production or inspection. Dashing is an experienced custom fittings manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as MCX connector, semi-flexible cable assembly, MMCX PCB ......
Testing equipment accessories mostly involve test cables, coaxial terminal, stainless steel adaptor and others, which can be extensively used for communication testing system and all kinds of precise testing instrument. Test cables feature low attenuation, high transmission rate, small return loss and more, suitable for daily product inspection. Coaxial terminal can act as a multi port microwave device to ensure that characteristic impedance is matched and for precise measurement. Besides, stainless steel adaptor is an interface converter mainly applied to vector network analyzer.

Our testing equipment accessories can provide you with long service life, low price and large reduction of your testing costs. Furthermore, we can offer you tailored services to meet different requirements of our customers.

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